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Pizza Shovel

Pizza Shovel

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🍕 Sleek Design: Glide your way to pizza perfection with our innovative sliding pizza peel! Effortlessly transition pizzas in and out of the oven with a smooth sliding mechanism, ensuring they never stick.

🌳 Durable Material: Crafted from premium boxwood, our peel is lightweight yet resilient, resistant to cracks. It's paint-free, odor-free, and completely food-safe for your peace of mind.

🎉 Versatile Use: Not just for pizzas! Our peel is perfect for handling bread, cakes, and more on both stoves and grills, opening up a world of culinary creativity.
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Premium Quality Materials 🌟

Crafted from resilient, natural materials, our pizza paddle embodies durability, crack resistance, and is completely free from paint or odor, ensuring its suitability for food contact. Say goodbye to sticking, runaway toppings, or misshapen pies, and welcome a seamless pizza-making experience into your kitchen! 🍕✨

Innovative Design 🎨

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Sliding Pizza Peel, featuring an innovative sliding mechanism that transforms the pivotal moment of pizza transfer into an interactive experience. Effortlessly lift your pizza with a simple motion, ensuring no sticking and adding a dash of fun to your cooking routine! Discover the magic of seamless pizza-making—shop now for a unique culinary journey. 🚀🍴

Effortless Maintenance and Storage 🧼

Experience hassle-free maintenance with our pizza peel! Simply rinse it with water and effortlessly wipe it dry with a cloth for quick and easy cleaning. Equipped with hanging holes at the bottom of the handle, our peel allows for convenient hanging, efficient drying, and space-saving storage. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of our maintenance and storage features, designed to enhance your culinary experience. 🌊🧽

Questions? We have the answers!

How do I clean and maintain my sliding pizza peel?

Cleaning techniques can differ, but we advise using a clean damp cloth or washing with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh abrasives or soaking for prolonged periods.

Can it be used for purposes other than pizza?

Although initially crafted for pizzas, our SlideSlice™ is versatile enough to facilitate the transfer of various baked goods and even for grilling purposes.

Does it meet food and safety standards?

Our sliding pizza peel not only meets food safety standards but exceeds them. It's been endorsed by reputable food organizations, ensuring a reliable and safe tool for your culinary needs. Moreover, it's completely free of any unpleasant odors, like paint or other undesirable scents.

How long does shipping take?

Delivery time is approximately 12-15 working days.

Can it withstand high temperatures?

Our sliding pizza peel is engineered to withstand high temperatures, making it appropriate for use in a variety of ovens up to 380 degrees.